• How do I schedule a ride?
Call us at 208-201-8642. We will discuss your trail riding options and desires to schedule the perfect ride for you and your group! We have several options and locations. See our pricing page for our booking procedure.

• What is your cancellation policy?
We require 48 hours in advance for a cancellation. All no shows will be charged 100% with major health emergencies being the exception. In which case, 50% of the total will be charged. 

• Do I need to schedule far in advance?
We are a small company and spaces are limited; our riding season is short and we fill up quickly. The earlier you schedule the better, but always check in for last minute rides!

• What is the minimum age for riders?
The minimum age for trail riders is 8 years old. For safety, double riding is not allowed.

• Can we bring our own horses?
No, we only use our own horses, they are used to each other and our trail system.

• Do I need to have riding experience?
It's great it you do, but no, each ride will begin with a brief riding and safety instruction session, so that you will be comfortable and can direct your horse when out on the trail. Our horses are for every rider! The most experienced riders will enjoy our horses, as well as intermediate and children.

• Can you take us camping and fishing? 
Camping, yes! We have a lower elevation camp appropriate for adults and young children. We have a higher elevation adventure, classified as a pack trip in which we take you to the top of the world!  You may fish on our trips with your own equipment and a license. However, we are not fishing guides. If you are looking for a fishing trip we can recommend some great companies!

• What camping gear should I bring?
LCO provides almost everything you'll need including: spacious tents, sleeping pads, utensils, etc. We offer rental sleeping bags, however it is recommended that you bring your own. A sleeping bag with a temperature rating of a minimum of 20 degrees. You will also need to bring your own personal gear and fishing gear if you desire to fish. Personal gear is best to be packed in a water-proof duffle bag with a 25 pound weight limit.

• Is there a weight limit or health restrictions to ride the horses?
There is no weight limit, however, all riders must be in good overall health.

• What kind of food can we expect and can we make requests?
Our camp cook will prepare comfort western meals in dutch ovens over an open fire or using travel stoves. The food is hearty, delicious, and filling. Chicken, potatoes, and veggies are some things to expect. We don't take dinner requests at this time. You can view the lunch menu and see a sample dinner menu

• Will we have work duties on our trip?
Our goal is for all of our clients to enjoy their trip.There are absolutely no requirements, as far as you participating in the camp work. There's always a job if you'd like to offer a helping hand. You're welcome to help as much or as little as you'd like.

• Can you recommend lodging companies, restaurants, and other activities for our vacation?
Yes, we'd love to help! You can view our local vendors page here!

• Can we tip our guide?
Absolutely!! If you enjoy your time with us, gratuities are very appreciated!